I got drunk off pumpkin beer and lost my expensive wallet with my $80 and college id….I’m officially a dumbass

Most days i feel socially handicapped…i should get a sticker on my forehead to warn people

  • me: tru tbh but like idk like but idk man u kno? idk

Waking up in my car on the 5th of July with my girlfriend

I want this

I hate my life

The last comment makes me a bit sad. Seeing such beautiful pictures or reading the stories behind them should give you the courage to change your own life and to just go after your happiness and should not leave you sitting at home thinking that you hate your life.

I want this also hate my life tho….

Navagio Beach, Shipwreck Cove | Dave Porter
    I got this for my dad’s fat ass…he has titties and we bust his balls all the time
    recent selfiee of my lame azz…
    Me two Halloweens ago 👀